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Wi Fi and Wired Networks 

Are you looking for help installing or upgrading your current Wi Fi wireless network for your home or business? ​We can help you with a Wi Fi (wireless) or a wired network installation for quick and reliable use of your internet or intranet system. 

If you are in the construction or remodeling stages of your project, we are talking about laying the foundation for how all your computer devices will work trogether. If you have the opportunity to get  wiring in place, we highly recommend having all your desktop and laptops hard wired to the network. This ensures you be able to carry out all necessary system functions, and that you'll have the fastest speeds available both on your network and on line. If you are interested in connecting your TV or AV receiver with your network, the first choice should always be wired. Again, this gives your device the optimal connection to your network.

But wired is not always a choice. Wi- Fi (wireless) is great as long as your wireless router or access point can reach the devices you are trying to use. The larger the physical area is in square footage, the stronger your Wi-Fi signal must be in able to connect to those devices. A robust Wi Fi network is the foundation needed to provide you with enough signal to connect to all your mobile devices. This would include your cell phone, tablets, laptops, TV's and a host of other devices that need to be connected wirelessly for a variety of reasons. Scottsdale Audio Video will evaluate your needs and offer the most suitable solution to make sure your network is as quick & reliable as possible. 

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