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Add  pair of Sonos Five or, Sonos One wireless speakers in several rooms of your home, to create a wireless, multi-zone, music system. Control the volume and the choice of music in each area, combine different areas with the same music or, listen in each area independently. With virtually every music app available from the Sonos app, you'll be listening to your favorite music, throughout your home, in no time. Do you have in-ceiling speakers? We have a Sonos solution for that too. Ask us how.

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​​Sonos just may be the single best solution when it comes to wireless music & home theater systems. Easily control all of your music from one simple app on your  favorite device. Play the music you love in one room or all over your home. Sonos offers several sound bars and, wireless speakers to choose from, so your sure to have the right size speaker for your specific application. 

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