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Whole House Music

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Do you want to add or, replace the in-ceiling or in-wall speakers in your home? Are you interested in a whole house music set-up & installation? Call Scottsdale Audio Video for a free consultation and start enjoying the music you love, in every area of your home.

With a modern, whole house music system, everyone gets to listen too their favorite music when they want to. Control the volume and the choice of music in each area, combine different areas with the same music or, listen in each area independently. The keyword here is flexibility. Whole house systems can be designed using, keypads, volume controls, or simple control apps that allow easy functionality in all areas.

​​Many new homes are pre-wired for in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, for both whole house music, & home theater systems. We can evaluate the wiring that was placed in your home, by the builder or previous home owner & recommend speaker products that are suitable for your needs.