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​​At Scottsdale Audio Video we specialize in bringing you great sounding, easy to use music and video entertainment systems for your home or business. Custom being the operative word...Scottsdale Audio Video will evaluate your installation location, meet with you to understand your needs, and design a system that offers solutions for your specific project. Home entertainment has come a long way in the last decade. With much more emphasis being placed on internet connected devices, streaming audio & video services, and mobile device control. Enjoy all the music and video entertainment you love anywhere in your home and control it with your custom programmed remote, mobile phone, tablet, laptop or home computer.

Scottsdale Audio Video sells high quality audio & video components and, offers custom installation, set-up & programming services. We are an Arizona dual licensed residential & commercial contractor with over 30 years of custom audio video installation experience.​ Custom home theaters, specialized whole house music , distributed 4K high definition video and so much more are available to you for a connected experience that you'll enjoy everyday, & for years to come. 

Have a special love for music? We have found that there are many people like us that appreciate music more than any other type of entertainment. For that reason we also sell and install audiophile quality components for the client that will accept no less. Whatever your audio and video needs are we have you covered. Call us today...we love what we do, and know that we can make a real difference in your home or at your business location.​ 

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