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Experience remarkable 8K realism and ultimate mini LED contrast with our new big-screen TV featuring the Cognitive Processor XR™ and XR Backlight Master Drive™. Discover a new 8K reality with the mini LED backlight technology and the power of our revolutionary processor, which delivers exceptional picture quality with stunning contrast and depth.

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The Cognitive Processor XR featured on Sony BRAVIA XR-85Z9K TV takes picture and sound to the next level. It reproduces content the way humans see and hear, resulting in a lifelike experience. This revolutionary processor understands how the human eye focuses, cross analyzing images to provide real-life depth, contrast, and vivid colors.

Experience uncompromising 8K realism on a big screen with the Z9K. Powered by the Cognitive Processor XR™ and our new 8K Mini LED technology, this TV upscales any content to near 8K resolution, delivering incredible detail and texture with ultimate contrast. Get ready to push your senses to the limit and enjoy a TV viewing experience like never before.

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