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Samsung is known for producing high-quality TVs, with a wide range of features and price points. Samsung TV technologies include  LCD, LED, QLED, OLED & Mini LED. Scottsdale Audio Video can help you decide on the best Samsung TV for your specific installation project. 

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Samsung QLED TV uses a layer of quantum dots, which are tiny semiconductor crystals, to produce more accurate and vivid colors. They also have a wider color gamut and higher brightness levels than traditional LCD televisions. Samsung's QLED TVs are known for producing deep blacks, high contrast, and a wide viewing angle. 

Samsung's OLED TVs, on the other hand, use organic materials to create their own light, which means they don't require backlighting. This allows them to produce perfect black levels and infinite contrast ratio, & can have a thinner profile than LCD TVs. Samsung QLED, & OLED TV offer excellent picture quality and are considered among the best premium TVs available today. Call us today to get the Samsung model you're looking for, delivered & professionally installed in your home.