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The evolution of TV and video projection... Ultra HD 4K TV & Movie Projection components have been with us for a while now, and these devices just keep getting better. High resolution 4K imaging has drastically improved the TV and movie viewing experience. The new 8K TVs have now hit the marketplace. Samsung 8K QLED TV are now available from Scottsdale Audio Video. This super high resolution has a width of approximately 8000 pixels wide and, produces very detailed images, that evoke a stronger sensory experience.

From what we've seen so far, there are some pretty incredible products being manufactured to show off and distribute these technologies, throughout residential & commercial projects. Scottsdale Audio Video offers professional grade 4K  projection technology, from Sony, JVC Pro, Epson Pro, & Sim 2. Matched with a variety of specialty screens from Screen Innovations, you'll have a winning combination, for your Home Theater or Media Room application. We also offer our clients 4K TV at it's finest from Sony, Samsung, and LG. Scottsdale Audio Video is certified by Atlona in 4K distribution technology and receiving certifications for new products arriving in the marketplace. Call us today, we'll make sure your new home or commercial property can display the best in current  and new video technology. 

 Ultra HD 4K TV & Movie Projection