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The Samsung Premier Ultra Short Throw Projector just might be the best movie projector option for your next big screen project! 

Samsung ultra short projectors use laser technology to project a high resolution large image, from a very short distance away from the screen. This makes them well-suited for use in small spaces, such as smaller home theaters, family rooms, or conference rooms, where there may not be a lot of room to place the projector. 4K Ultra Short Throw laser projectors deliver bright, rich, and vibrant colors & have a longer lifespan compared to traditional lamp-based projectors.

Samsung Ultra Short Projector Sales Phoenix, AZ

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The Samsung 120 Inch Class The Premiere LSP7T & Samsung 130 inch LSP9T are the world's first ultra high resolution 4K Smart Laser projectors with HDR 10 + for realistic & vibrant big screen images. Samsung's ultra short throw projectors come with built-in smart TV functionality, allowing users to access streaming services and other online content without the need for an additional device.

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