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​Automation systems have become popular in main stream media today, but has been a big part of custom audio video installation for some time. Here at Scottsdale Audio Video, We've been able to dim the lights, set a custom lighting scene, lower the movie projection screen and adjust the temperature remotely, with the right design plan from the beginning of the project. What has changed in recent years, is the availability of devices and systems that utilize both wired and wireless technology, as well as the ability to monitor and control them from off-site. These systems live on  the network.

While automation can make a big difference in how we live, we need to understand how we will lay out the ground work. We'll need to start with a solid wired network for some devices and a robust wireless network for other (wireless) devices. Everything in this automated system will use this as a foundation, or starting point. And of coarse we'll need an internet service provider that offers a reliable service, with internet speeds that are suitable for what we're trying to do. All this being said...let's talk about the conveniences.

Now that we have a solid wired and wireless network to connect to, many things are possible. All of them offer control as well as feedback using a hard wired computer or mobile device such as a tablet or cell phone. Some of them are:

  • Lighting Control- control your lighting in each area or as a group, set lighting scenes, set a path of lights to welcome you when you come home at night, control from off-site.
  • Temperature Control- controls half of your energy cost, saves you money, conserves electricity when your not home, keeps you comfortable at night & knows when you wake in the morning. Control off-site
  • Music- stream music to anywhere in your home, control the volume in each area, pick the music you want to listen to in each area, group rooms together, easily monitor what your children are other areas are listening to.
  • Video Surveillance- view who's at the front door or any other areas monitored by digital cameras, control from off-site.
  • Shade Control- drop the shades at the start of a movie, have them go up by themselves in the morning & down at night.
  • Audio & Video Entertainment- control your Blu-ray DVD player, av receiver, music server, cable or satellite box, projector, TV, etc.
  • ...and much more!