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Scottsdale Audio Video is proud to offer our clients the Sony brand for all their AV projects that require reliable TV, Projector, & Audio Video Receiver products. We recognize Sony as a high quality brand, that works well with other Sony products, as well as with other high quality brands. 

There are many things to consider when buying a new TV. The TV should be of appropriate size for the room and, the distance it is being viewed from. Scottsdale Audio Video provides free in-home consultations to go over your project objectives, and make recommendations for your unique home environment. Other considerations for your new Sony TV would is it's application or intended use...Home Theater display, general viewing in a Family Room or, at a business location. Give Scottsdale Audio Video a call today @ 480-570-0248 and we'll help you decide the best Sony TV for your particular situation and, professionally install it in your home. Scottsdale Audio Video is a licensed, bonded, and insured installation contractor with over 30 years of AV installation experience, and an authorized Sony retailer. 

  • Sony TV 2 Basic Types...OLED & LCD (LED Light Emitting Diode... LCD Liquid Crystal Display)
  • Sony TV OLED Over 8 Million Self Illumination, Individually Controlled Pixels. Incredibly Deep Blacks & Dazzling Lights. Uniquely Accurate, Good for Movies
  • Sony LCD TV Are Either Side Light LED or Full Array Back Light LED
  • Sony Full Array LED Include Zones of LED Lights That Can Be Dimmed or Brightened Independently For More Accurate Shadow Detail & Deeper Blacks
  • ​Sony Full Array LED Features X-tended Dynamic Range Pro
  • Sony Android Smart TV Are Available In A Range Of Quality Levels
  • Sony 4K TV Range From 49 Inches to 85 Inches

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