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Are you planning, or in the middle of a new construction or remodel project ? Now is the time to get that wiring in place for the audio video and low voltage systems you would like for your remodel or new construction project. ​​​​

If your planing a new construction or remodel project, we highly recommend you give thought to installing a structured wiring system. Structure wiring allows the placement of new technologies into your home or business, as well as the ability to alter their locations by making simple changes in the wiring panel. Structured wiring panels give you a central location to wire and distribute many different systems from, including:

​​By taking the time to consider what low voltage systems you would like to include in your project now,  you will save time and money, versus trying to retro-fit them in afterwards. Actively making a plan now will assure you have everything in their proper locations and make installing these systems later a breeze. 

In addition to installing a structure wiring panel you may want to pre-wire an additional main termination location that can be used for audio and video equipment. It's a good idea to pre-wire for any audio and video locations you plan to utilize. This allows for the easy installation of projectors, smart TV's, subwoofers, flush mounted in-ceiling & in-wall speakers. Custom installed flush mounted speakers offer a much cleaner look, and can be used for whole house music & surround sound systems. Depending on the size of your project, the space available, and your specific system operation goals, you may require one or more locations to place your structure wiring panel & head end equipment racks. 

Whatever your specific goals are, Scottsdale Audio Video is ready to help you with your next residential or commercial new build, remodel, or retrofit project. Call us today for your free evaluation and project quote.

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