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Sonos Playbar is a sound bar consisting of 9 speakers, providing full rich sound from one 36 inch enclosure. Playbar compliments your TV with hi fidelity sound, and can be expanded into a full Sonos wireless home theater system. Mount Playbar on the wall or set it below your TV. Not only will Playbar sound great with all your TV and favorite movies, it has speech enhancements so you can hear voices with clarity, and night mode so you can hear details without any spikes in volume. 

Combine Playbar with Boost and a Sonos subwoofer for 3.1 surround sound, or add two Play 1 speakers for the ultimate in 5 channel wireless home theater. And when your done watching TV, your playbar becomes part of whole house wireless music system. Control your listening experience from one powerful app. Listen to all the music on earth, in any room of your home, wirelessly.

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