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Ultra Short Throw Projection

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Samsung Ultra Short Throw Projector Phoenix, AZ.

​​Bring the excitement of big screen video projection to your home or business with a new projection movie system, & installation from Scottsdale Audio Video. 

Ultra-short throw projectors, also known as UST projectors, produce a large image from a very short distance. This makes them ideal for use in small spaces such as a family room or spare bedroom, where a traditional projector would require a larger space to produce an image of the same size. 

These high lumen projectors, can produce a large, clear image, while still maintaining a high level of brightness. They can produce a high quality image, even in fairly well lit rooms. Models are available from Samsung, Epson, & LG. Ultra short throw projectors can be a good solution for large screen entertainment, when you don't have the space for a standard home theater projector.