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Sony VPL-XW5000ES Laser Projector

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Triluminous Pro makes sure that the color space is rendered accurately and maintains all the detail you're looking for in your movies and games. The VPL-XW5000ES dynamic HDR processor processes your content scene by scene, making all your 4K HDR content look absolutely stunning. Creating an image that conveys what the movie producer intended, the X1 Ultimate chip can analyze and enhance every object individually & in real time.

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The Sony VPL-XW5000ES is Sony's new entry level true native 4K projector, with all 8.3 million pixels displayed simultaneously. You'll never have to worry about changing the bulb with a laser light engine that can last up to 20,000 hours of use, equivalent to watching one movie a day, for 27 years of premium movie enjoyment. The laser light engine gives it a tremendous and accurate movie theater appearance. When buying your next home theater projector, color and HDR performance should be a significant factor in your decision-making process.

We believe the Sony VPL-XW5000ES is a game-changer, offering native 4K technologies at a  price point that's hard to believe. Ready to upgrade your outdated lamp-based projector? If you're looking for an affordable 3 chip native 4K projector, there is very little competition & this may be the perfect projector for your next home theater room project.  Call Scottsdale Audio Video for a free in-home consultation. We're bringing the big picture home!