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​​​​​​Video surveillance is the missing puzzle piece in many of today's security systems. The ability to off-site monitor your video camera system, as well as record any events that occur, is crucial in preventing theft and vandalism that happens time & time again. Do you need Video Surveillance in Scottsdale or the Phoenix area? Scottsdale Audio Video can provide your home or business with a video camera surveillance system that utilizes a digital video recorder to monitor & record your home or place of business. Easily view multiple cameras on your android or i-device in real time, and get the peace of mind that comes from being able to see, and know whats going on at home or at work.  Don't become easy prey for those looking to benefit from your security weaknesses. 

Scottsdale Audio Video designs and installs video camera technology from several leading manufacturers to help you create a video security system that meets your specific needs. We sell fixed position cameras that can cover a single area,  PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras that will allow you to control the motion of the camera's viewing, and multi-camera dome systems that will allow you to view several different areas from one dome location.

Whether it's for security, safety, or peace of mind, let us show you the way to not only secure, but record and eliminate  problems that interfere with your ability to run a profitable business or secure your home.

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