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Sony Master Series OLED & LED Sales

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With Sony's trademarked Acoustic sound & High Dynamic Range picture, the Master Series is truly an immersive experience, both visually and acoustically. Call us today to get the Sony model your looking for, delivered & professional installed in your home.

The Sony Master Series is known for their advanced image processing and high-quality picture. These TVs feature the latest technology, such as 4K resolution, HDR (high dynamic range) compatibility, and the ability to display a wide color gamut. Sony's advanced motion handling capabilities helps to reduce motion blur and create a smoother image. They also offer smart features such as voice control and built-in apps. Overall, the Sony Master Series televisions are considered to be among the best TVs on the market for their picture quality, performance and smart features.

Immerse yourself in the Sony 4K & 8K Master Series, Smart, Android TV. The Sony Master Series models beautifully display the intended reality conveyed by today's film makers and gaming engineers. Sony's advanced picture processors, both the X1 Ultimate and, the X1 Extreme are unmatched in processing power and, ultra realism when viewing TV or movie content.