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 Pair the exceptional audio quality of a TruAudio outdoor speaker system with Samsung's "The Terrace" Series Outdoor TV. Samsung's outdoor TV boasts a dazzling 4K QLED display, available in sizes up to 75 inches, setting the standard as the first outdoor TV to receive UL certification for outdoor visibility. Call Scottsdale Audio Video LLC today & let's talk about your backyard entertainment needs.

TruAudio Outdoor Speaker Systems Phoenix, Arizona

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TruAudio is known for delivering impressive audio quality across all their products, and their outdoor speaker systems are no exception. They are engineered to provide clear and balanced sound, filling your outdoor space with rich audio that can enhance the overall outdoor experience. TruAudio Backyard and Landscape Speaker Systems are designed to cover a wide area with sound, ensuring that everyone in your outdoor space can enjoy the music or audio content.

TruAudio  produces high-quality audio solutions, including outdoor landscape speakers systems in-wall & in-ceiling speakers for whole-house music systems, & home theaters. One of their truly notable product lines is the TruAudio Backyard and Landscape Speaker Systems. These systems are designed to provide exceptional sound quality for outdoor spaces, such as gardens, patios, pools, outdoor kitchens & BBQ areas, allowing homeowners to enjoy their favorite music and audio content in an open-air setting.