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​​​​​​​​​​​Listed below are some of the quality manufacturers and products Scottsdale Audio Video represents. We competitively price our products and offer custom installation, set-up and programming services. Top of the line home theater receivers & wireless home theater

​​TV & Video Projection

Sony: OLED 4K LED TV & Sony Full Line of Cinema Projectors

Samsung: QLED 4K LED TV


JVC: Home Theater D-ILA UHD 4K & 3D Projectors, Professional Series D-ILA UHD 4K & 3D Projectors

Epson: High Definition & 3D Projectors

Da-Lite: Theater Projection Screens

Screen Innovations:  Leading Edge Theater Screens and Innovative Screen Technology. 

Sim 2: Exceptional Cinema Quality Projectors For That Demanding Movie Theater Enthusiast

Audio Receivers, Amplifiers, Processors

Marantz:  Audio/Video Surround Sound Receivers, Pre-Amplifiers, Amplifiers, Blu-ray DVD, Turntables

Audio Control: Audio/Video Receivers, Pre-Amplifier Processors, Zone Amplifiers

Denon: Audio/Video Surround Sound Receivers, Integrated Amplifiers

Crown Audio: Professional Amplifiers for Commercial & Residential Music Systems

Near Outdoor: CES Award Winning DSP Ampliers W/ EQ

Speakers...In-Ceiling, Bookshelf, Monitor, Tower, Wireless

Martin Logan:  Bookshelf, Electrostatic Tower, In-Wall, Speakers, Subwoofers & Soundbars

REL:   Outstanding Powerful Subwoofers 

Bose: Commercial Speaker Arrays, Speaker Systems, Soundbars & Complete Audio Systems

Artison:  LCR Speakers, Subwoofers, Soundbars

Near Outdoor: CES Award Winning Outdoor High Fidelity Speaker Systems

Sonos: Wireless Speakers, Music Streaming System, Amplifiers, Soundbars. Scottsdale Audio Video stocks allSonos products including Connect, Connect Amplifier, Sonos Bridge, Play 1, Play 3, Play 5, Sonos Soundbar,Sonos Subwoofer. ​

Totem: Award Wining High Fidelity Bookshelf, Tower, In-Wall Speakers  That Sound Unusually Good

Dynaudio: Internationally Known High Fidelity From Denmark...Bookshelf, Towers, In-Wall Speakers...Module Style, Wireless Speaker Systems, Acoustic Engineered Masterpieces, Designed With Proprietary Drivers and, Special Attention Given To An Authentic Audio Experience, Unlike Any Other.

Monitor Audio: British Manufacture of High Fidelity Bookshelf, Tower, In-Wall, and Subwoofer Speakers

Network Products... Modems, Routers, Switches, Wi-Fi,

Apple: iPad, 4K Apple TV

Luxul: Routers, Wi-Fi Routers, Ethernet Switches, Access Points, Network Accessories

Eero Wi-Fi Mesh: Routers

Specialty & Control

LuxePort: High Quality iPad Docking and Charging Solutions

Dynamat: Acoustic Control, Sound Barrier Material & Components

Lutron: Lighting-Shade-Climate Control

Universal Remote Control (URC): Total Control, Complete Control, RF Remotes & Control Systems

RTI: Control Systems

Sonos:  Awesome Sounding Wireless Music & Home Theater Systems Solutions

Cool Components:  Component and System Cooling Fans & Cooling Systems

Products Scottsdale Audio Video home theater receiver

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